A Time to Shine

Click here for A Time to Shine Digital Copy

A Time to Shine 2019 is in the books and our 2021 publication is not far behind. Follow the steps below to be included in this publication.

You have 2 options:

Option 1 -

Camera Ready Page - (10.5x10.5) Layout and design your own page and submit to marla.malone@msutexas.edu

 Option 2 -

Choose 1 of the 3 templates below and provide the following to marla.malone@msutexas.edu 

   3 COLOR photos or graphs (tables, pie charts, graphs) 

   Full color logo (high quality)

   Text - we recommend no more than 300 words to describe your impact or promote your organization.  Bullet points look better and are easier to read rather than paragraphs, try using both.

   Other information you may want to include - social media handles, website address, list of board members & staff, Executive Director, address, phone number, etc...

Template #1     Template  #2        Template #3



  • Up to 3 photos or graphs
  • Your logo and/or the name of your organization in LARGE font
  • A summary of your previous year’s (2019) successes and/or impact:
    • Use  bullet points, rather than paragraphs
    • Keep your writing to as few words as possible (less than 250-300 words)
    • Numbers tell great stories, so be sure to include them!
    • If you list board members, staff, executive director, etc., use a smaller font than your “impact or story” writing
    • The purpose of these ads are to report your impact to the community; or promote yourself to the community, not necessarily tell EVERYTHING you do.

 Pricing     Budgets under 100k        $150

                 Budgets $100k - $250k    $200

                 Budgets over $250k        $250