Job Opportunities



Burkburnett Grace Ministries, Inc.

is in the process of hiring an Executive Director. The Executive Director is the key management leader responsible for management, staff relations, budget/finance, and communication. The position reports directly to the Board of Directors. This is a part time position with a minimum of 10 hours per week with a compensation of $1,000 per month.Qualifications include a willingness to work with all people without discrimination, a personal relationship with God, experience in word processing, spreadsheets and social media. Also, good interpersonal skills and ability to be the team leader/player.
Resumes should be forwarded to Burkburnett Grace Ministries, Inc., PO Box 301, Burkburnett Texas 76354 before December 13, 2019.

Arts Council Program Manager


The Arts Council has an opening for a Programs Manager.
The Arts Council’s mission is to nurture and strengthen the artistic, cultural, and educational quality of the community and surrounding areas. A key component of this mission is providing opportunities for the community to participate in educational programs and arts-related events.
The Programs Manager is responsible for providing educational opportunities across an array of artistic genres. In addition, the Programs Manager oversees events which provide critical funding for the Arts Council while providing an opportunity to display the talents of area artists. The position reports to the CEO and supervises the volunteer coordinator.
This position works primarily Monday – Friday, 8 AM – 5 PM. However, some evenings and weekends are required during special events.
• A passion for the mission of the Arts Council required
• The ability to lead and develop people required
• The ability to organize multiple projects and adhere to time and budget constraints required
• The ability to build relationships and collaborate with outside organizations to develop and deliver educational programs required
• A strong foundation in one or more of the arts required
• Experience designing educational programs in one or more artistic genres desired
• Experience in event planning and execution desired
To apply, send your resume to
Position closes December 13, 2019.


Faith Mission Career Academy Director

This job is to include but is not limited to the following: Oversee and direct the day to day services and volunteer service providers that will be necessary to achieve the goals of the Career Academy of Wichita Falls Faith Mission, Inc. (WFFMI).  Provide spiritual counseling and advocacy based, information, referral, and support service to the students. Help maintain safety, order and cleanliness in the chapel, classroom, and dorm                                                                                                                                                                                   

 Eamil Resume to Diane


    • Develop community relationships in order to establish, enhance and maintain a quality volunteer roster for Career Academy.
    • Seek and develop appropriate curriculum to be used in the Career Academy to ensure that it is relevant and Christ centered. Adjust all curriculums as necessary to maintain a quality program for all involved.
    • Plan and establish graduation events for students that complete their goals at the end of each term.
    • Assess the Career Academy program regularly to detect necessary changes and make corrections/changes.
    • Advise Site Director, Chief Operations and Chief Executive Officers immediately of any issues that may affect the integrity of the Faith Refuge and/or Faith Refuge Career Academy. 
      • Recruit, qualify, train and monitor Career Academy volunteers.
      • Schedule volunteers in a duty/activity that will maximize their abilities and compliment the needs of the Career Academy participants.
      • Maintain communication with former volunteers to keep them involved with Career Academy.
      • Evaluate volunteers on a continuing basis within the scope of their service to maintain quality programs for Career Academy participants.
      • Track Career Academy volunteer hours for regular monthly reporting.
      • STUDENTS
        • Interview, evaluate and prepare selected students for Faith Refuge Career Academy each term.
        • Monitor progress in goal attainment and classroom achievement for all students of the Career Academy.
        • Develop a discipline plan along with policies and procedures for all participants in the Faith Refuge Career Academy.
        • Implement discipline plan as directed by the Chief Executive Officer.
        • Teach Jobs for Life
        • Case Management
          • Maintain documentation and case file on all individual students
          • Provide crisis information and referral
          • Provide one-on-one brief counseling
          • Provide information to staff on current issues
          • Develop and Maintain on-going program and resource file
          • Maintain documentation on shelter activity and contacts
          • Have Knowledge of programs provided by Faith Mission, Inc.



  • Must be a mature, born again Christian, a member in good standing of an Evangelical Christian Church and be willing to agree with the WFFMI Statement of Faith.
  • Must have a high school diploma or GED and college hours or equivalent experience.
    A degree in Education and education experience preferred.
  • Must be able to represent Faith Refuge and the Faith Refuge Career Academy with integrity and professionalism.
  • Must possess a willingness to serve all women without discrimination.
  • Must exhibit professionalism and compassion in dealing with information of a private, personal and sensitive nature at all times.
  • Must have the ability to effectively present information, respond to questions, about the organization to the general public, groups, churches and clientele.
  • Must exhibit strong leadership skills and program management skills.
  • Must be able to empower women while being respectful.
  • Must be able to set, maintain and respect appropriate professional boundaries with participants and volunteers.
  • Must act as a role model for all participants and volunteers at all times.
  • Must possess above average computer skills.